Pre 1970 Cars For Sale

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Pre 1970 Cars For Sale

pre 1970 cars for sale

    for sale

  • purchasable: available for purchase; “purchasable goods”; “many houses in the area are for sale”
  • For Sale is a tour EP by Say Anything. It contains 3 songs from …Is a Real Boy and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.
  • For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool’s Garden, released in 2000.


  • (1970s) seventies: the decade from 1970 to 1979
  • “1970” is a single by Japanese band Boris released by Inoxia Records. It features alternate/extended versions of two of the songs from Heavy Rocks on 7″ vinyl. The single was limited to 500 copies on black vinyl.
  • 1970 (MCMLXX) was a common year that started on a Thursday (link shows full calendar), in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. It was also the first year of the 1970s.


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  • A vehicle that runs on rails, esp. a railroad car
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  • Pre, often written as PRE, is a British noise rock band on Skin Graft Records and Lovepump United. It is based in London and was formed around 2005. Pre includes former members of Todd and Seafood.
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  • (Prely) Preili is a town in Latvia. It is also the administrative center of Preili municipality.
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pre 1970 cars for sale – Pioneer DEH-1200MP

Pioneer DEH-1200MP 4 x 50 Watts CD/ MP3/WMA Receiver
Pioneer DEH-1200MP 4 x 50 Watts CD/ MP3/WMA Receiver
The DEH-1200MP is powered by the renowned MOSFET 50W x 4 amplifier and features an RCA Pre-out.

Pioneer’s DEH-1200MP is a no-frills CD receiver with MP3/WMA disc playback, and makes a clean and simple replacement for OEM stereos. Play back your favorite CDs and CD-R/RW discs, dial in your favorite AM/FM stations, or burn MP3/WMA CDs for hours of music on a single disc.
Pioneer Car Audio Systems
Pioneer’s Mobile Business Group is known for offering the kind of in-car products that make driving more enjoyable by offering high quality audio and video, seamless connectivity and ease-of-use. Its focus is on the development of new digital technologies including audio video, navigation and satellite radio, while maintaining its strong heritage in products for car audio enthusiasts and sound competitors.

Auxiliary input for MP3 players and other devices.

Remote control included.
DEH-1200MP Features
Detachable Faceplate
When you’re away from your car, remove the face from the receiver for protection against theft.
The faceplate features a one-line, eight-character LCD display and red key illumination, along with a large rotary volume control.
CD-R/RW Playback
Play back your favorite CDs and burnt CD-R/RW discs in the slot-loading CD player.
MP3 and WMA Playback
Don’t let your favorite music downloads languish on your computer hard drive. Burn them to a CD-R or CD-RW and play them right on the car stereo. Each disc you burn has the capacity to hold up to ten complete albums of MP3 music and twenty for WMA discs. Trust us, that’s a lot of music.
Supertuner IIID AM/FM Tuner
Pioneer’s legendary Supertuner IIID combines the best of digital and analog tuner technologies to reduce distortion to bring you exceptional FM and AM performance. If you live in an area where reception is weak, you’ll hear a big improvement in signal strength. And when you’re near tall buildings, Supertuner IIID reduces the effect of multi-path noise, which occurs when the signal is reflecting off of the buildings.
MOSFET 50W x4 Amplifier for the Power Hungry
Compared to conventional power supplies, the MOSFET amplification circuit is smaller and more efficient, delivering power with less distortion and absolutely zero on/off switching noise. And that doesn’t just mean a boost in volume: it means that your music will be cleaner at higher volumes because you’re not pushing the limits of the amplification circuit. Clean, efficient power that will rock your vehicle.
Inevitably, there will be those who still need more. The DEH-1200MP is therefore equipped with a pair of 2.2V rear preamp outputs for system expansion with external amps/speakers.
Get Plugged In
Use the built-in AUX input for connecting any digital portable player and other external auxiliary devices. For extra-convenient access, the input is on the front panel.
Dial In Your Sound
Tweak the sound to your liking with the on-board three-band EQ. A Loudness feature ensures ample low-end even during quiet listening, and standard balance/fader controls let you adjust the stereo image to suit your vehicle and preferences.

DEH-1200MP Basic Specs
iPod Control:–
iTunes Tagging:–
USB Input:–
Sound Retriever:–
RCA Pre-Outs:1 set (2.2V)
Display:Segment LCD (8 x 1)
CD Formats:CD/CD-RW, MP3, WMA
HD Radio:–
SAT Radio Ready:–
Auxiliary Input:Built-In (Front)
Key Illumination:Red
Power:MOSFET 50W x 4

What’s in the Box
Pioneer DEH-1200MP In-Dash CD Receiver, Wiring Harness, Installation Hardware, Owner’s Manual

1957 Talbot Lago T 14 LS (02)

1957 Talbot Lago T 14 LS (02)
The Anglo-French STD (Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq) combine collapsed in 1935. The French Talbot company was reorganised by Anthony Lago (1893-1960) and after that, the Talbot-Lago name was used but on the home market the cars bore a Talbot badge.

After the World War II, for the model Grand Sport 26CV (1947-1954), a 4483 cc six cylinder engine was developed. Another model, named Lago Sport (1954-1957) used a Maserati engine.

One of the immediate post-war cars that received notoriety for its speed was the T26 Grand Sport (GS). It was built for either racing or luxury and benefited directly from Talbot’s successful T26C Grand Prix car. As such it was expensive, rare and helped Louis Rosier win the LeMans 24 Hour race. The GS replaced the Lago-Record chassis which was named for its remarkable top speed. Having a 4.5 liter inline-6 aluminum cylinder head and triple carburetor fuel feed from the T26 the Grand Prix cars, the GS was one of the world’s most powerful production cars. It produced 190 bhp (140 kW) which was good for around 125 mph (201 km/h) depending on the body that was fitted. Chassis details were similar to the Grand Prix cars, but it was longer and wider. It came it two wheelbase lengths -104 and 110 inches (2,800 mm). Later Lago America models (1957-1959) used 2.6 or 2,7 litre BMW engines or Simca engines.

Postwar government taxation policies savagely discouraged the sale in France of passenger cars with engine sizes above two litres: despite its high quality cars, Talbot-Lago struggled for survival along with other pre-war marques such as Hotchkiss and Delahaye, and production ceased when Simca took over during 1959. (Simca was subsequently taken over by Chrysler, who gained a controlling share in 1963, and rebranded the business as Chrysler France in 1970).

Talbot-Lagos have become a top-prized car at various auctions, fetching as much as $3.685 million at the 2005 Pebble Beach Auction for a 1938 T150-C Lago Speciale Teardrop Coupe. The same year, the top bidder at a Christie’s auction was awarded a 1937 Talbot-Lago T150 C-SS Teardrop Coupe with coachwork by Figoni and Falaschi for his $3.535 million-dollar bid.


– – –

Als 1935 die Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq-Gruppe zahlungsunfahig wurde, ubernahm der ehemalige Produktionsleiter Antonio Lago die franzosische Niederlassung in Suresnes. Den englischen Firmenteil ubernahm die Rootes-Gruppe.

1935 leitete der Italiener Antonio Lago mit der Ubernahme des Talbot-Werks in Suresnes eine neue Ara ein. Unter Lagos Leitung und dem neuen Firmennamen Talbot Lago wurden bis 1937 zwei vollig neue Automodelle mit Sechszylindermotoren (2,7 und 3 Liter Hubraum) entwickelt. In den folgenden Jahren entstanden in Kooperationen mit den namhaftesten Karosseuren Europas einige der aufregendsten Fahrzeuge der Vorkriegsgeschichte. Zu diesen Karosseriebauern gehorten: Figoni Falaschi (T 150 SS Coupe von 1937 und das weltberuhmte Teardrop Coupe von 1939), Chausson, Saoutchik, Partout und Henri Chapron. Es wurde sogar ein Cabriolet von Graber und eines von Ghia gefertigt. (Im Januar 2006 wechselte bei Gooding & Company in den USA eines der spektakularen Teardrop-Coupes fur 3.905.000 USD seinen Eigentumer.)

In der Rennsaison 1939 wurden in Suresnes zwei Grand-Prix-Fahrzeuge fur den GP 1939 entwickelt. Bedingt durch die politische Situation dieser Zeit kamen die Wagen jedoch nicht zum Einsatz. Nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg stellte Lago den Talbot Lago Record und den Grand Sport mit einem 4,5-l-Motor und einem Wilson-Vorwahlgetriebe vor und konnte damit sportliche Erfolge wie zum Beispiel den Le-Mans-Sieg 1950 mit Louis Rosier am Steuer erzielen. Ebenfalls 1950 erschien ein neues Modell namens Baby (Vierzylindermotor mit 2690 cm? Hubraum). 400 Automobile wurden im Jahre 1950 produziert. Im darauf folgenden Jahr waren es weniger als 100 Automobile. Eine bedeutende Anderung in den Jahren ab 1953 bestand darin, dass anstelle des Wilson-Vorwahlgetriebes ein konventionelles Getriebe mit 4-Gang-Schaltung von Pont-a-Mousson eingebaut wurde. Das Fahrgestell des Talbot Lago Babys konnte auch ohne Aufbau erworben werden. Diese Fahrgestelle kamen bis zum Produktionsende im Jahre 1955 bei den Grand-Sport-Coupes mit einem 4,5-Liter-Sechszylinder-Motor zum Einsatz.

Der letzte gro?e Entwurf von Talbot Lago wurde 1955 vorgestellt. Es war der 2500 Sport. Antonio Lago entschied sich fur einen Vierzylinder-Reihenmotor, der mit 2491 cm? genau das Rennklassement der 2,5-Liter-Klasse ohne Kompressor erfullte. Insgesamt wurden 54 Exemplare des 2500 Sport gefertigt. Zwei Fahrzeuge verlie?en das Werk ohne Aufbau, um spater vermutlich als offene Sportwagen vollendet zu werden. Unter diesen 52 karossierten Exemplaren wird unterscheiden zwischen den Varianten fur Europa und denen, die nach Amerika geliefert wurden. Die 2500-Amerika-Modelle wurden mit einem BMW-2,5-Liter-V8-Aggregat bestuckt, bekannt aus dem BMW 502, und besitzen massivere Chromapplikationen als die Europamodelle. 15 der 52

The Milton Robson Collection

The Milton Robson Collection
Held at the Robson Estate in Gainesville, Georgia on November 13th, this single-day event presented 55 high-performance vehicles and a select range of memorabilia before a standing-room-only crowd, with bidders hailing from across the continent and as far away as England and Brazil. Bidders in the room were joined by those on the phone and via the Internet, sparking multiple instances of fierce and spirited bidding.

The top sale was a coveted 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air IV Convertible, one of only five built and the only Starlight Black example, which sparked a lively bidding war, achieving an impressive $682,000 to set a new auction record. Also garnering significant attention was a 1960 Chrysler 300F Four-Speed Convertible, the only factory four-speed, 400-hp convertible in existence, which realized a final sales price of $437,250 to also earn its place in the record books. Both sales generated enthusiastic applause from the crowd.

Other record-setting lots included:

• a top-of-the-line 1957 Desoto Adventurer Convertible, which provided a strong start to the auction, selling for $341,000;

• an outstanding 1970 Shelby GT500 Four-Speed Convertible, which exceeded its pre-sale estimate reaching $368,500;

• a rare 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Factory Airbox Convertible, one of just 43 examples built, bringing $374,000;

• a desirable 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Fuel-Injected Convertible for $209,000; and

• a 1954 Mercury Monterey Convertible which realized $118,250.

In addition to setting a string of new auction records, the renowned Milton Robson Collection posted over $9.2 million in sales.

Top Sales:

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air IV Convertible

1960 Chrysler 300F Four Speed Convertible

1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 Coupe (Four-Speed)

1953 Cadillac Eldorado Supercharged Convertible

1957 Chevrolet Corvette Factory Airbox Convertible

1970 Shelby GT500 Four Speed Convertible

1957 Desoto Adventurer Convertible

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Yenko S/C Sport Coupe

1970 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air IV Convertible

1971 Pontiac GTO Judge 455 H.O. Convertible

~ RM Auctions

pre 1970 cars for sale

pre 1970 cars for sale

Marvel Firsts: The 1970s Volume 1
When the swingin’ seventies arrived, Marvel was there to welcome it with a host of new characters and titles! Assembled in one volume for the very first time are the fabulous first issues of dozens of Marvel’s finest offerings from the seventies, including the likes of Dracula, Man-Thing, Luke Cage, and Tigra, not to mention such solo breakouts as the Black Widow and the Beast. Westerns, war, sci-fi, super heroes, monsters and mutants!


Amazing Adventures (1970) 1, 11, 18; Savage Tales (1971) 1 (C Story); Marvel Spotlight (1971) 1, 2 (A Story) 5; Marvel Feature (1971( 1 (A Story); Marvel Premiere 1 (A Story); Tomb of Dracula (1972) 1; Hero for Hire 1; Combat Kelly & the Deadly Dozen 1; Outlaw Kid (1970) (A Story); Gunhawks 1; The Cat 1; Shanna the She-Devil (1972) 1; Monster of Frankenstein 1.

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